Who are we?

RarityMon is a collective of individuals who love data, crypto currency, NFTs, and most of all - building really cool shit. RarityMon is for everyone.

Complete Support

Our goal is to support all NFT networks, not just one or two.

Over 100k+

We've supported hundreds of thousands of rarity checks

Advanced Tools

Powerful tools for open to everyone, not just the whales

What is RarityMon?

Rarity Mon is a discord bot and a website that allows you to check the rarity of your NFT in a collection. We use a statistically accurate formula and show you how rare each attribute in your NFT is along with where it's ranked in the collection.

Why RarityMon?

We pride ourselves in being statistically accurate along with supporting plenty of networks such as Ethereum, Solana, Binance, Polygon, and Cardano. We want to be the one-stop shop for rarity checking no matter which collection you're looking for.

Our other philosophy is speed. The NFT world moves fast and we know collectors want information as quick as possible which is why our system is built in a way that we can onboard a collection in under a couple hours. If you're a collection who wants to be listed on RarityMon, head over to the Get-Listed page to fill out the form! We'd love to have you.

Disclaimer About Rarities

Rarities is a tool just like anything else when buying or selling an NFT. While our formula used is statistically correct, there are other ways you can guage the value of an NFT. Maybe you enjoy the art of one a bit more, or maybe you just like the color green more than the color blue. Use the rarities you see here as a tool, but not as the end all be all decision maker. Remember, nothing you see here is financial advice. Hope you enjoy RarityMon!